Designing Your Website to Attract Luxury Clients

Dec 12, 2022

No matter how much time and energy you pour into Instagram, Pinterest or creating reels – here’s the bottom line: your website matters. A website is the number one way someone will weigh whether or not to book you.

There’s a lot of things that go into a well-curated website to turn potential leads into clients. Every detail from the copy you write to the photos you choose, from the user experience to the contact form makes a difference in attracting your idea clients. How you choose to build your website depends on one thing: who are you trying to book?

Because let’s face it, a strong website will not only attract your ideal clients but also detract that clients who aren’t right for you. Everything about your website should establish the clients you are hoping to book more of – and it should turn off the clients that are a better fit for someone else.

One of the best tools to realign and refresh your website to attract your ideal client is a web audit. Web audits allow experts (like Mae&Co!) to come in and review your website and provide our opinion (backed by years of industry expertise) to help improve user experience, brand messaging and how to attract your ideal client.

Here’s a snapshot of a recent web audit case study we shared with Mae&Co Monthly members:

  • Goal: A company wants to attract more luxury clients with $100K budgets – how can you do this aesthetically on your website?
  • Audit Findings: Luxury weddings err on the side of simplicity. On this site, there’s opportunities to reduce the amount of graphics and color to make something feel expense at first glance.  
  • Recommendation: Key suggestions would include using color blocks instead of graphics overlaid on the website background, or minimizing the number of colors used throughout the site, especially in things like the company name. By showcasing fewer colors and leaning into a more neutral color palette, the site will start to feel a little older and more refined – less is always more when you’re trying to attract a luxury, high-budget client.

There are so many ways you can shift website content – whether that’s colors, copy or photos – to create an elevated air of professionalism to attract a luxury client. We’re talking about all of this and more in our December Mae&Co Monthly courses focused on web audit case studies. Join our community to watch a collection of web audits and to get access to free web audit giveaway opportunities in 2023 and year-round audit discounts…it’s worth it.


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