How to Use AI for Your Blogs


As part of Mae&Co Monthly, we talk a lot about how to make sure your SEO is at its peak. Why? Because building SEO into my website through blogging is by far one of the most impactful things I've done in my business to bring in leads for my ideal clients. Investing time in building strong SEO rankings is the best way to start attracting your ideal client, especially at the luxury and high-end levels where clients and vendors aren't just finding you on Instagram. They want to know you're the best of the best, that you're an expert who's worked at the client's venue, or you're familiar with their remote destination, because you have the SEO ranking to prove you're the right vendor for the job.

And honestly, I know that writing blogs doesn't come naturally for all of us. We specialize in planning, designing, photographing and flexing all sorts of creative muscles, but finding time to write 1,000 words to create a high-ranking SEO page is tough. I get that. But I really believe that if you use the tools at your disposal - like Jasper AI - there's no reason you can't be posting 1,000 word blogs at least twice a month to start ranking on the first couple of pages of Google search. It's all about working smarter, not harder.  

Here are three things you can put Jasper AI to work to build better blogs for your business: 

Add a Brand Voice 
You can help Jasper AI learn how your brand communicates through creating a Brand Voice reference. Once you create a Jasper AI profile, you can provide content for the AI tool to synthesize your brand voice, ex: "The brand voice is luxurious and personal with a confident tone to convey uniqueness and emphasize exceptional results." And you can provide input too, like: "all blogs should include vivid, descriptive imagery highlighting expensive details."

Form an Outline
If you're having trouble starting your blog, use Jasper AI's Blog Post Outline tool to generate a few different outline ideas. Enter your blog title and tone keywords, then the AI tool will suggest a few outlines with subjects for the intro, conclusion and body paragraphs to help you build out robust, SEO-driven content. 

Draft Your Blog Post 
To rank well on SEO, you should aim for 1,000 words in each blog post. And when you use the One Shot Blogpost tool on Jasper AI, you can quickly generate a 500 word blog draft with a few prompt details. Try entering a prompt like "Recap a three day wedding in the Hamptons for Cary and Ella, talking about details for getting ready, the ceremony, reception and dance party. The venue had old world elegance, with pearls and glassware throughout the reception set up." You'll be surprised by how much of the heavy lifting is done for you - then you can go in and add specific details, testimonials from the client and put the finishing touches on the blog to get to 1,000 words. 


Here's the bottom line: Jasper AI is a game changer for your business. Don't be afraid to use this tool to help you uplevel your SEO game. Get a free 7-day trail with our partner link.

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