Social Media For Wedding Planners


Let's talk about why Instagram is so important for wedding planners.

Are you using Instagram to its fullest? Did you know I took my business from brand new to fully booked in just over a year thanks to Instagram?

Don't get me wrong, all of the other platforms are important but here's the thing: Instagram is FREE. It has the largest current audience and it's the most versatile and most effective for creatives. 

Yes... there's a difference in effectiveness between all the social media platforms depending on what your career field is.  And for wedding industry creatives, all of our work is essentially imagery based. That means we create products that people can see. Whether its a tablescape, a bouquet, a pair of earrings or a flatlay - you are creating. And humans love photos, they connect to images more than words... by a long shot. 

This is what makes a platform like Instagram so powerful. You are able to show what you DO, what you WANT TO DO, and what your potential client will get when they hire you. 
It can take a while to find your flow, but once you do - social media can propel your business forward in a way that nothing else can.

As a wedding planner or stylist, Instagram should be part of your daily routine because it is FREE advertising. Therefore.... it is part of your work. And your business has the potential to grow far beyond your wildest dreams when social media is used properly. I believe that you too can book out you year on social media, and I want to see you thrive. 



We have a series of Mae&Co Monthly video courses and workbook pages to help wedding planners use Instagram to grow their business. Trust me, you won't want to miss this. 



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