How To Book Destination Weddings


Are you ready to start booking more destination-based work?


When I first started as a wedding planner, I knew immediately that I wanted to be world wide. And I knew that because traveling was a huge passion of mine. I wasn't trying to learn how to travel by working in different places (that will burn you out quick), I already knew I loved traveling, and now I wanted to combine that with my job. 

Traveling for work is not easy, and it's not something to take lightly. To book a destination weddings, you have to not only prove yourself to be an expert at your craft in the wedding industry, you also have to establish your expertise as a traveler.

This means.... you. have. to. travel.

It's not enough to just say you "work abroad" or you "will travel for work". 
You need to make it known that you know HOW to travel and you know WHAT these places you're trying to book jobs at, are actually like.

You create your own reality
. And if you want people to start booking you for jobs all over the world, its time to start showing your audience that you work all over the world. Make that the new norm. Don't show anything else.
Don't wait for someone to book you for a job Tulum, just go to Tulum. Schedule appointments and walkthroughs at all the venues you want to work at and write a blog about your experience. Post on social media about what you liked and didn't like. 

  1. Book a trip to a place you want to start booking jobs (and then post about being there every day)
  2. Write a blog about different "wedding inspiration" locations 
  3. Post about travel or different locations at least 2 times a week (show your audience what you want them to see)
  4. Create different landing pages on your website for the locations you want to book more jobs in ('Tulum Wedding Florist', 'Amalfi Coast Wedding Planner')
  5. Dedicate a couple of blog posts or pages on your website JUST to travel.
  6. Instead of using the phrase "Bucket List - Discounted Travel", use the phrase "Our Favorite Spots & Discounted Travel" 


Show that you are the expert in not only working weddings, but working weddings in different locations and most of all... that you're an expert in traveling to different locations.

We are talking about all of this and more in our February module: "Destination Weddings" including: sourcing abroad, charging for travel and we are giving you access to our live, sweetheart tablescape demo.


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