How to Design Round Tables


Whether we like it or not, times are changing… and round tables are making a comeback.

Let’s be honest. For a long time, round tables felt like the cheap, default option you might need to use if a client had a super tight budget and you needed to use the venue’s free round tables. And 5-10 years back, there were limited linen and tablecloth options for round tables, and those polyester linens certainly weren’t doing designers and stylists any favors.

But now, there are so many companies that specialize in creating modern, luxury linens. Round tables no longer need to feel DIY, and there’s so much you can do to intentionally source materials that scale up your table design. Plus, designing with round tables gives you the ability to create unique, upscale designs. You just need a few design guidelines to create elevated, high-end round tables.

In a recent Mae&Co Monthly course, I do a deep dive on four unique ways to design round tables. There’s a whole video course that walks through different examples of how I’ve brought round table designs to life, but there are two tips that are absolutely essential:

When I’m designing a round table, here are my top two tips:

  1.  Create a peak in the middle of the table. I know I’ve talked a lot about peaks and valleys in tablescape design, but this is so important. When you’re working with a round table, the settings are your valleys and the middle of your table is always going to be your peak. This creates a clean visual story for your eye to follow. 
  2.  Build symmetry with clusters. For me, three is the magic number here. I recommend creating clusters of three around your centerpieces, i.e. three clusters of candles, clusters with two candles with a table number, etc. This will help give symmetry and balance – this is essential in avoiding a chaotic design when you have less table space to work with!

There are so many ways to create compelling – even luxury – designs with round tables. And we're talking about all of this and more in our June Mae&Co Monthly "Styling Round Tables" course in our series on Gaining Creative Freedom with Clients.

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