How to Modernize Boho Designs


Are you over boho wedding trends? What if I told you there was a way to modernize boho designs...


Boho vibes aren't for everyone. And while boho designs are starting to fade out of style, you should know there's a way to phase out of boho trends with grace and elegance. Inevitably, you'll find clients that love elements of boho trends (ex: they love pampas grass or they want to incorporate vintage heirloom glassware) and there are definitely good reasons for pulling in organic, boho elements to create romantic designs.

In a recent Mae&Co Monthly course, I do a deep dive on three unique ways to modernize bohemian designs. But there's one tip that can make all the difference: matching the shapes and lines of a design to a particular style makes all the difference. As a general rule of thumb, curved shapes tend to feel more organic and boho. And hard edges tend to feel more manmade, more modern. So if you're trying to bring a modern, timeless feel to a boho-inspired design, look for opportunities to swap out curved shapes for hard corners and clean lines to create that modern feel.

When I’m looking to modernize a boho design, here's my number one tip:

  1. Look at the shapes of your tablescape details and find places to bring in hard edges: Take a look at your flatware, your menus and your glassware - are there any round edges that you could change? Try to incorporate flat edges for your glassware and opt for rectangular menus in place of curved or circular designs to modernize boho designs!


There are so many ways to elevate and modernize boho designs, even if you're working with a budget-conscious bride. And we're talking about all of this and more in our March Mae&Co Monthly "One Year Anniversary" module


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