Sourcing for Destination Weddings


Do you need help sourcing for destination weddings?


I know I’ve said this before, but I truly can’t emphasize this enough: travel weddings are hard. As a destination wedding vendor, you’re not working to travel, you’re traveling to work. 

But working internationally has its rewards too. If travel is already deeply ingrained in your lifestyle and you love the challenge of designing based on new places that inspire you, there’s no better feeling than booking your first destination wedding.

But what happens when your clients have signed the contract and panic sets in as you start to realize how much work it’s going to be to source rentals and find vendors in that small remote town in a country where you don’t speak the language?

To source successfully for destination weddings, I research. I spend hours on blogs, Instagram and Pinterest to find everything I need. I research local vendors. I plan what I need to bring, and I think about what I want to source locally.

When I’m sourcing for destination weddings, I always:

  1. Start with social media: Go on Instagram and search hashtags for your destinations (ex: #amangirielopement or #bajacaliforniawedding) and look at the vendor credits on blogs (Green Wedding Shoes, Brides, etc.) to find out which vendors work in your destination.
  2. Connect with locals: If you’re traveling to a remote location, try reaching out to vendors in a bigger city nearby. Even if it’s a couple of hours away, you can ask if they travel to your location, or if they know anyone locally who works in your destination.


There's so much more that goes into deciding whether or not to source onsite or bring rentals, and how to price and pack for destination weddings. And we're talking about all of this and more in our February Mae&Co Monthly "Destination Weddings" module.


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