When to Send Pricing


Let's get right to it, here’s the tough part about knowing when to send pricing: so much of how you interact with clients depends on the type of clients you’re trying to attract. As a planner in the luxury market, I don’t send pricing unless someone asks: I get on a call, explain pricing, then send pricing.

But no matter which market or industry you’re in, if you can make a connection ahead of sending pricing, do! Try to understand who’s reaching out to you, then make decisions about when to send pricing accordingly.

Ultimately, I consider all of these things when I think about when to send pricing and whether or not to show it on my website:

  • Are you looking to attract more leads, or narrow down your inquiries? 
  • Are you getting too many leads that are under budget? 
  • Are you in the luxury market, or the premier market? 
  • Are you trying to attract clients or third-party vendors?

At a minimum, if you're in any profession, here is my universal rule when it comes to deciding to share pricing on your website: 

  • If you’re trying to narrow down inquiries, then do include pricing on your website.

But here's where it starts to get tricky: the answer of when to send pricing, or whether or not to show pricing on your website, varies widely depending on two things - your profession and your target market. 

That's why we've made an entire course for our Mae&Co Monthly members that walks through when to send pricing as a planner, as a photographer as a videographer, as a florist, etc. And we break down what changes when you move from mid-range, to high-end to luxury clients.

We're unpacking all of this and more in our latest courses on Talking Pricing - and if you join in October you'll get access to a free PDF cheat sheet that shows you when and where to send and show pricing based on your profession and your market. So what are you waiting for? 

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