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How to Stop Losing Leads

Whether you've been in the wedding industry for a year or a decade, everyone struggles with the fear of not booking leads. It's frustrating to feel ghosted, or to have someone go silent after you send over pricing, but I'm here to tell you there's a way to get unstuck and start booking your ideal...

Understanding When to Raise Your Prices

As a small business owner, you work hard for your business. It should go without saying that you – and your business – deserve to make an annual profit, and here’s the truth: you should raise your prices every single season. Every year you gain a host of experience, and...

Designing Your Website to Attract Luxury Clients

No matter how much time and energy you pour into Instagram, Pinterest or creating reels – here’s the bottom line: your website matters. A website is the number one way someone will weigh whether or not to book you.

There’s a lot of things that go into a well-curated website to...

Why Planners Are Top Return Customers

Let’s face it. As a planner, a lot of people will act like they want to be your friend to secure jobs and future clients. But I’m a big believer that you can never build a preferred vendor list purely based on who you like as a friend. But I won’t ignore the obvious: much like...

3 Ways to Improve Communication with Your Vendors

Understanding how to have effective communication with vendors is important for all vendors. We’re all in this together.

While yes, I think wedding planners tend to get a bad reputation as “bossy” or “difficult” – this can happen to any vendor who carries...

How to Design for Your Clients

Finally, a design board template that models functional design.

Real talk: this year has been a struggle for me. Burnout is real. Sometimes you hit a wall and it’s tough to find your inspiration. But even the most successful businesses deal with hard clients, and I think it’s...

Building Automation With Canned Emails

This month, we’ve been talking all about automation. I know it can be a sticky topic that people avoid, but it’s 100% worth talking about because I truly believe automation allows you to find bandwidth and regain control over your creative process. And one of my favorite ways to build...

Why Automation Feels Personal

When people hear the word "automation" they often jump to ideas like "robotic" or "impersonal." But that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Creating automation is absolutely vital if you want to avoid burnout. Imagine being about to sit down to a to-do list every single day and know...

Breaking Into the Luxury Market

If you're trying to break into the luxury market, it can feel super overwhelming to try and book your first job. It’s hard to know where to start: do you focus on elevating your portfolio to show you’re capable of luxury design work? How do you adjust the number of jobs you book to...

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