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How to Break into a New Vendor Market

No matter what industry or role you’re in, moving to a new location and building a trusted reputation in a new market is TOUGH. In the wedding industry, we know that our work is deeply interpersonal. Creating real relationships and connections goes a long way in getting on preferred vendors...

How to Skip Trends and Find Your Brand

One of the biggest questions I get on live calls is how to handle the ever-changing trends in the wedding industry. And while I love bows and editorial images as much as the next person, here’s why you won’t see me sharing those trends on social media:

I believe that to stand out in a...

Enhancing Your Website

Let’s talk about your website – one of your most powerful tools for attracting your ideal client, For most of us, our website will make or break whether or not someone fills out our contact form. When you are trying to book a new inquiry, your website needs to do a first-rate job of...

How to Connect with Your Target Audience

Here’s the thing, when you are trying to book more dream jobs and connect to your ideal clients, the conversation starts long before someone responds to your inquiry form. Everything from the photos on your website to the copy on your Instagram posts should engage potential clients, showing...

When to Send Pricing

Let's get right to it, here’s the tough part about knowing when to send pricing: so much of how you interact with clients depends on the type of clients you’re trying to attract. As a planner in the luxury market, I don’t send pricing unless someone asks: I get on a call,...

How to Market to Different Budgets

If you feel like you've been trying any and everything to try to book out 2024 with more of your dream clients, you're not alone. The inquiry drought is real. But let me tell you this: the best way out of it is to make sure you’re being seen by the right audience. This is not an overnight...

How to Master the Three C's of Discovery Calls

Discovery calls are the biggest sales tools you have between inquiry and booking. But you and I both know that your time is precious, it’s valuable and we can’t give it away freely. Before you hop on a you want to have a good sense that leads are ready to invest in you (this is where...

How to Use AI for Your Blogs

As part of Mae&Co Monthly, we talk a lot about how to make sure your SEO is at its peak. Why? Because building SEO into my website through blogging is by far one of the most impactful things I've done in my business to bring in leads for my ideal clients. Investing time in building strong SEO...

Improving Your SEO

In your first 4-8 years of business, it’s a constant effort to make sure you’re being seen. You have to work to continuously stay at the forefront of everyone’s thoughts. And to be seen, we have to invest in SEO and we have to take time to blog because your business will never...

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